Is your Epson L210 printer not producing ink? Don't worry, find out the causes and how to overcome them in this article.

How are you? Hopefully you and all of us are always in good health. In this article, Mimin will provide a solution to the problem of the Epson L210 printer not producing ink, both black and color.

The printer not producing ink may be a very common problem encountered by printer users.

This Epson L210 printer is no exception, where several users reported that when used to print documents, the print results on the paper were just blank, aka no writing was printed due to the ink not coming out.

Even if there is, usually the L210 print results are blurry or dotted. Most users will initially assume that their Epson L210 is running out of ink. However, when checking the black and color ink storage tubes, the ink was still there.

In fact, in some cases, the Epson L210 ink cartridge is still quite full or almost full because the ink has just been refilled. But why doesn't the Epson L210 printer ink come out?

The thing that really confuses users is that the Epson L210 printer shows no signs of error at all. Usually, when the printer has a problem, the Epson L210 printer indicator light will flash or blink.

However, in this case this sign does not occur, meaning the printer is actually ready for use. But why doesn't the ink come out?

Those of you who are reading this article, may experience a similar problem, the black or color ink of your Epson L210 printer at home or at the office is not coming out (jammed). Of course, this condition disrupts your work.

Moreover, if the document to be printed is for an urgent need, your head will immediately spin around seven times when it is made...hehehe

However, don't worry because here we will provide a solution or way to solve the problem of Epson L210 black/color ink not coming out. You just need to read it carefully and carry out all the steps that we explain in this article.

Come on, here is the solution...

How to deal with the Epson L210 printer not producing black and color ink

There are three ways or steps you can take to overcome black and color ink not coming out on the Epson L210 printer.

Here are the steps:

1. Clean the Print Head

The Print Head is the Epson L210 cartridge head which is responsible for distributing ink to paper or other printing media. So, when a problem occurs related to ink, the first thing to suspect is the Print Head.

The problem that often occurs with the Print Head is that it is dirty due to ink residue sticking to it when the Epson L210 carries out printing activities.

The remaining ink is prone to drying out and causing blockages in the printer's Print Head.

Every printer brand is equipped with Print Head cleaning facilities which are carried out through the system.

Likewise with the Epson L210 printer, we can clean the Print Head by using this feature.

Below we show you how we practice using Windows 10:

  • Go to Control Panel >> Hardware And Sound >> Devices and Printers.
  • Then, select the Epson L210 Printer Series listed on the system.
  • Right click, then select Printer Properties.
  • In the Printer Properties window, then click Preferences >> Maintenance.
  • In the Maintenance window several options will appear, click Head Cleaning.
  • Then click Start to run the cleaning process.
  • During the process, you will hear a whirring sound on the printer, indicating that the cleaning process is in progress.

At the end of the process, the Finish and Print Nozzle Check Pattern commands will appear, indicating that the process is complete.

You can select Finish to immediately end the process, but we recommend selecting Print Nozzle Check Pattern so you can see the Cleaning Head results printed on paper, click Finish to see the printed results.

For a complete review, read this article: How to Clean the Epson L210 Printer Head.

2. Perform the "Printer Troubleshooter" Process

The Windows system has a Troubleshooter facility that can search for, find and resolve problems that attack the device or devices connected to the computer, all automatically.

When the Epson L210 printer is connected to a computer, all data related to the printer is automatically recorded by the system.

So, you can run this special Troubleshooter command to find and solve the problem that is causing your Epson L210 printer to not produce ink.

Here are the steps:

  • Type the keyword "Troubleshoot" in the Windows 10 search field located near the Start logo.
  • Then, select Troubleshoot settings.
  • Select Printer, then click Run the troubleshooter.
  • The Windows system will run a search for the brand of printer connected to the computer
  • In the selection window, click Epson L210 Series Printer >> Next
  • The Epson L210 printer troubleshooter process will start the problem finding process
  • Read each open system window, then follow the prompts.
  • Once finished, close the troubleshoot process.

3. Check the Ink Hose

The next thing you can do to overcome black/color ink not coming out on the Epson L210 printer is to check the ink distribution hose from the tube to the cartridge.

The problem that often occurs with this hose is that the ink flow is cut off due to air intake.

So, there is air between the ink which causes the ink not to flow properly.

Of course, this condition means that the ink supply to the cartridge will be hampered, so it is only natural that if it is used for printing, the ink will not come out.

Air entering the hose occurred because the Epson L210 printer ran out of ink.

Selang Tinta Epson L210 Kemasukan Angin

The storage tube is completely empty, so air enters the tube and then fills the spaces in the hose.

That is why it is highly recommended not to let the Epson L210 printer run out of ink, when you feel the ink in the tube is running low, then fill it up immediately.

Luckily, the Epson L210 printer is equipped with the ability to easily vent air in the hose.

The method is to press the Resume button on the printer for 3 seconds, then the air will be thrown out through the cartridge path.

However, if this method doesn't work, then we have to do it manually.

Here are the steps:

  • Open the top cover of the L210 printer. You will see a white cartridge cover. Open it with a screwdriver.

Buka Cartridge Epson L210
  • Lift the cartridge to see the condition of the ink, usually it will look empty.
  • Vacuum the cartridge using a syringe.
  • Pull the ink until the cartridge is completely full.
Cartridge Tinta Epson L210
  • Reinstall the cartridge as before.
Note: carry out the steps above carefully, do not force it open to avoid breaking parts.

Tips to prevent Epson L210 printer ink from jamming

Here are some tips that you can do so that your Epson L210 printer doesn't encounter ink jam problems:

  • Try to use your Epson L210 printer every day for printing, even at least one sheet so that the ink doesn't dry out and clump.
  • Don't let the printer run out of ink because it will cause air to enter the ink path.
  • Always use original printer ink that matches the Epson L210 printer type.
  • After use, cover the printer with a cloth to prevent dust or dirt from sticking.

That's the explanation of how to deal with the Epson L210 printer not coming out of ink. Share this solution so others can read it too. Thank you, hopefully it's useful.