On this occasion, erzedka.com would like to share briefly about printer tips that are  easy to remember but  often forgotten, even some Epson printer owners  equipped with wifi & direct wifi network do not know how, if these tricks? that is view wifi password for epson printer and ink tank printer. 
 In the era of popularization of various types and models of inkjet printers of different brands like today, Epson printers offer the advantage of easy connectivity to connect directly to your printer via wireless network. /wireless for fast printing. 
 Previously, if you don't understand  the difference between the printer's wifi network, first read here  > the difference between the printer's wifi network and the direct wifi..
 In previous articles, not independent bad author of the article Pentadrivers  left a comment on their Epson printer The problem of forgetting  wifi password because so far it automatically connects to wifi and never disconnects, when disconnecting again it is very confusing , it doesn't get in - that's the old way to find  and view epson printer's wifi password.
  1. Make sure the Printer is on.
  2. Prepare a sheet of paper and put it in the container.
  3. If the light is not lit, you need to activate Wifi Direct by pressing the Wifi button until the bottom light turns amber. If your Wifi Direct Network Light is On, you can go to step 4
  4. You need to press the Network Information button and hold the button for up to 7 seconds
  5. After that the printer will respond and prepare to print
  6. At this point Printer will print information about your printer network
  7. After the results are printed you can see in the <WIfi – Direct> section and in the password line as shown below is the password for your printer's Wifi.

password for your printer's Wifi

But it's also important to know that the wifi network and wifi direct features are not included in all Epson printer models, this difference may indeed be given as an option for buyers when they want to buy. In all production outputs of the Epson inktank printer type, there is a choice of economical, medium, and full-featured and business models.

From the experience of our team, Epson printers equipped with a Wifi connection feature will be given a 50 or 90 suffix on the type, for example L3150, L3250, 4150, 4190, 5190, 6150, 6190.

Some Questions about Epson's Wi-Fi Direct Printer

What's the good of using Wifi directly on this Epson printer?
  • You can directly connect the devices you have (Smartphone, iOS, Laptop) to directly print documents

Can this method be used for all types of Epson printers?
  • well, all types of epson printers that have a wifi direct connection feature

Can this method be used to connect the printer directly to a laptop?
  • Wifi Direct can make it easier for the printer to connect to a laptop or smartphone directly without an intermediary router

How to Change the Epson Printer's Wifi Direct Password?

  • You can't, this is the default setting from the time of the production process

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Actually there are many more related problems, which are both related to how to connect the WiFi network on the printer, hopefully with the representation from reading the article above can help solve the problems of all Pentadrivers.net friends who are currently in the same fate, Thank you.

How to Get Wifi Direct Password Epson L3250, L3150, L3256, L3156