Frequent problem when printing F4 or Folio. In addition to F4 on the Ms Word or Excel page, you also have to set the printer to the F4 paper size.

As is believed for the F4 size it is not specified on the paper list, so it is necessary to set the paper in advance (custom) so that the appearance and print results are desired. These many unknowns are printed with F4 paper size.

How to Print Full A4 Paper on an HP Printer
How to Print Full A4 Paper on an HP Printer

In this tutorial we will explain How to Print Full A4 Paper on HP Printers to solve problems on HP printers and also other printers such as Canon and Epson. For more information, you can follow the steps below:

How to Print Full A4 Paper on a HP Printer

Note that Legal and F4 papers are different. The legal paper size is 21.59 cm x 35.56 cm. F4 paper size is 21.5 cm x 33 cm. Isn't that different? So clear to Ms. Word uses Legal pages, will not print all F4 paper sizes. Here's a tutorial on How to Print Full A4 Paper on a Hp Printer:
  1. The first setting is Word in Excel, if you can't see the tutorial first.
  2. To print, press Ctrl + P on your computer or laptop keyboard, then select Properties.
  3. Next to the print paper size (printer paper size), select match (custom).
  4. Then a dialog will appear, select mm in units and then on paper size for width: 215 and height: 330.
  5. To start, print, click OK.

Here's how to set up F4 paper for a Cannon printer.
  1. Printer Select which will print your document
  2. Select Printer Properties
  3. Choose Custom Choose Customize Paper Size
  4. Fill in Original Size F4, namely: 21.5 cm and 33 cm. Since there is one millimeter, fill it with 215 and 330.

Here's how to set up F4 Paper for Epson printers

There are several advantages if you use an Epson Brand printer. you can make paper as you wish. If printer F4 is not in the Epson printer page settings list, you can customize it. Here's how:
  1. Select Printer properties on the Epson printer
  2. Select Defined User
  3. Name the paper buddy
  4. Fill in the paper size, in this case the paper size F4
  5. Then click Save.

The above method can be used for programs that generate prints, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, CorelDraw, Photoshop, PDF Files, etc. So my friend can adjust to the program used.

The most important things to remember in graphics are the settings in your application, and the paper size. This post can actually represent the type of paper you have. Not only F4 paper, but also other paper sizes.

  • In addition to setting the paper in the Microsoft workspace, you must print on the printer so that the results on Ms. Word is the same as print.

That's the information about how to print full A4 paper on a cellphone printer that we can convey. Hopefully the tutorial above can be useful and can help friends around printers in solving problems regarding How to Print Full A4 Paper on Hp Printers. Good luck!