Dry and clogged printer ink is one of the most frustrating printer problems. Especially when my friend printed documents that were important and necessary at the time. 
 Before you stop servicing your printer or replace the cartridges solely because of these problems,  you should find the most appropriate way to solve the printer's dry and clogged  ink problems. Because actually the problem is not difficult to fix as long as you know the cause. 

Why might the printer ink dry/clog?

There are a number of reasons why a printer, especially the inkjet version, fails to print or simply ejects blank paper without a printout, the most common being because the ink cartridge in the printer is empty The print is clogged and no ink flows out. 
In general, the ink dries suddenly  and  often becomes clogged if the printer is not used for a long  time,  the ink dries  and clumps causing the blockage. 
The second cause is due to the ink cartridge having a lot of dirt and  air entering, this problem occurs because the ink tube is opened and  closed improperly, so  air and dust in the form of dust accidentally enter the ink tube so that dirt accumulates at the bottom of the tube. cause the ink to clump and dry faster than usual.

Here are some ways you can do it yourself to deal with dry and clogged printer ink.

1. Clean the print head with Deep Cleaning Facility and Nozzle Check

The printer driver has built-in print head cleaning functions and facilities, which consist of standard cleaning and deep cleaning, if standard cleaning does not solve the blockage problem, then you need to do a deep cleaning, here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Click “Start” from the Windows desktop and click “Devices and Printers.”
  • Step 2: Right-click on your printer icon and click “Properties.”
  • Step 3: Once it opens, select the “Maintenance” tab and click “Deep Cleaning.” Your printer will start making sounds as if it is printing, please wait until the message that displays stating the cleaning job is complete.
  • Step 4: When a deep cleaning is performed, also run the Nozzle Check option from the Maintenance tab to make sure the nozzle or nozzle is not clogged.

Also note If the print pattern, if the print pattern is clear, the printer blockage has been fixed. If the printhead remains clogged after performing a deep cleaning, try turning off your printer for 24 hours, and then repeating the nozzle cleaning again until the print pattern is clear.

2. Soak the Cartridge with Warm Water

If in the first method the ink does not come out and is clogged, then you need to soak the cartridge in warm water. How to deal with printing not coming out because this dry ink can be tried if you really feel the cartridge is old, it hasn't been used for a long time because if you use this method, it means that you are ready to accept the risk of the cartridge being damaged.

If you've seen the video at a glance above, here's an explanation of the steps:

  • Step 1: Remove the ink cartridge from the cartridge slot housing
  • Step 2: Prepare a small container and fill it with a little warm water, at least at the bottom of the ink outlet on the immersed cartridge
  • Step 3: Please soak the bottom of the cartridge with warm water, just soak for a while and don't take more than 10 minutes
  • Step 4: Clean the remnants of water and, gently paste a soft tissue in the dipped hole earlier so that the remaining ink + water is felt to have all come out
  • Step 5: Perform the print head cleaning process with the deep cleaning facility.
  • Step 7: Print out the print pattern to see if the ink has flowed or is still clogged, based on experience, usually the cartridge will be normal after cleaning the print head, but if the printer ink is still clogged, it means that the problem is with the damaged cartridge chip, if the cartridge chip is damaged, like it or not, you have to buy a new cartridge.

Those are some ways to deal with clogged printer ink that doesn't come out and is clogged, resulting in the printer not being able to print perfectly on all colors and lines in printing. hopefully it's useful and if you feel that you don't dare to do this method, communicate it first with a printer technician/IT person you know...

The Complete Way to Overcome Dry and Clogged Printer Ink