Troubleshooting HP Neverstop 1000 Series Printer Paperjam Error

Being the newest printer breakthrough in the latest mid-range printer class from the HP printer brand, it does not make this laser type printer with a tank tube avoid various printer error problems that often cause the printer to be unable to print. 

What can happen on this HP Neverstop printer is Paperjam, which is quite frequent, yet it is known that this printer already uses automatic mode for placing and withdrawing paper media.

The problem of printer error paperjam is not new in the printing world, because of course a machine is created there must be times when there are errors and errors so that it cannot print, one of these problems is the paperjam error, so what is paperjam? And what is the cause of paperjam??

Here's a little summary of about paperjam and tips on how to solve paperjam problems on HP neverstop laser printers.

What is paperjam from several sources

This problem usually appears after you carry out the printing process and then a paperjam error warning appears, Paperjam is a condition where the printing machine (printer) or photocopying machine or similar device has a problem, namely the occurrence of jammed sheets of paper in the printing process.

Often paper jam is a condition where the media used is stuck or not pulled properly because the condition of the paper used when printing is not in good / good condition, what usually happens is that the paper media is dirty, folded, arranged in the skewed feed tray, and so on. cause paper jams

Before proceeding to the tips on how to deal with paperjam on this printer, first we need to make sure first whether the cause of the printer not being able to print is due to paperjam or various other printer error problems, How do I make sure the printer is paperjam??
  • A printer that is connected to a computer when experiencing problems will display a fault notification window on the screen of a computer that is directly connected to the printer
  • Look at the printer operation panel, usually there is a special code if an error occurs (look for more about the error code)
  • In the previous printing process there were problems such as paper sticking, etc.

If indeed the signs above appear, you can continue with dealing with this paperjam problem, there are several common ways that printer users in general when experiencing this printer error problem, but you need to know first that the current description uses examples of how overcoming paperjam on the HP Neverstop Laserjet 1000 series printer, but in general it's the same on all printers.

In this example of the HP Neverstop Laser 1000 series printer, if you experience a paper jam problem, a warning will appear in the HP smart software and also a warning on the operating panel screen such as,
  • The Attention light is blinking, and the Paper light and Resume light are on . This indicates a paper jam in the input tray area.
  • The Attention light is blinking, and the Paper light is on . This indicates a paper jam in the Printing drum area

Ways - How to overcome the paperjam printer

>> Step 1 Clear the jammed paper

1. Make sure that there is no paper media involved in printing the printer, either in the form of large paper or pieces of torn paper that are left behind.

2. f there is paper stuck to it, pull the paper slowly so it doesn't damage the roller or cause the paper to tear

>> Remove the jammed paper from the input tray area or the paper output area.

1. Remove all paper from the output tray.

Remove all paper from the output tray.

2. Open the top cover, then remove the imaging drum and set it aside.


Lift the top cover and remove the image drum

3. Remove the input tray cover.

Removing the input tray cover

4. Remove the stack of paper or envelopes from the input tray.

5. With both hands, carefully pull the paper out of the input tray area.

Clear paper jams from the input tray area

6. Hold the imaging drum by the handles, align it with the track, and then load it into the printer.

Reinstall the image drum

7. Close the top cover.

8. Try printing.

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>> Video reference how to solve paper jam on hp printer neverstop

If you've done this first step and the error still persists, try moving on to the next step.

>> Step 2: Reset the printer

Reset the printer to clear the error status with the print mechanism or firmware.
  1. In the print positionr is on, directly disconnect the power cord from the printer.
  2. Then also unplug the power cord from the power source.
  3. Wait for about 60 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the power cord and to the printer.

So, those are the two general steps how to handle when the printer is experiencing paper jam, if it is done on an inkjet printer you don't need to open/take out the cartridge part because the process of pulling the paper until the paper comes out is usually easier to access.

In this example, the HP Neverstop series printer has a toner tank drum/drum, so it needs to be removed first to find the paper that is stuck underneath, which causes the printer to not print, hopefully with the two methods above, your printer can return to normal.

But if you have done these two steps, your printer is still in trouble, it's a good idea to take the printer to the nearest printer repair place or take it to a service center (if it is still under warranty).