Apple Is Quietly Warring Against Google

The rivalry between Apple and Google continues. In fact, according to a former Apple engineer, the iPhone manufacturer still has a grudge against Google and Android, which are accused of imitating iOS.

The Financial Times quotes two former Apple engineers about the relationship between Apple and Google. Both said Apple still holds a grudge against Google since the launch of Android, and one engineer even called the relationship between the two companies a 'silent war'.

The two engineers did not directly mention what kind of war was going on between the two technology giants. But the Financial Times explains there are at least three battlefields, and the first is Apple Maps.

Apple first launched Maps in 2012 to replace Google Maps. However, the launch of Apple Maps did not go smoothly because it was full of bugs and inaccuracies.

According to AppleInsider, Apple Maps was created because Google refused to release the turn-by-turn directions feature on the iPhone. Even though it has brought many improvements, Apple Maps is still seen as inferior and users prefer Google Maps.

The second battlefield is Search. Even though Google still dominates the search engine sector, Apple already has an 'Apple Search' team since 2013.

Apple itself has had the AppleBot feature since 2015, the search engine sometimes used by Siri and Spotlight. The method of work is different from Google Search, but its presence makes rumors about Apple Search continue to appear.

"If Apple can build something that's basically as good as 'classic Google' - Google circa 2010 when it was still a simple search engine that was poorly optimized for ads - people might love that," Pantheon Chief Strategy Officer Josh Koenig was quoted as saying. from the Financial Times, Thursday (26/1/2023).

The final battlefield between Apple and Google is the advertising business, where Google parent Alphabet earns more than 80% of its revenue from advertising. In recent years, Apple has gradually expanded its advertising business. The company created by Steve Jobs even plans to develop its own ad network to compete with Google, while still prioritizing privacy.