Elon Musk Offers Ad-Free Twitter with Blue Subscriptions

Elon Musk said that Twitter is planning to provide a blue level subscription service or what is called Twitter Blue. This Blue service allows users to browse Twitter without having to be distracted by advertisements.

It is known that Twitter Blue is a premium service owned by the social media with the bird symbol that offers various exclusive features as well as reduced ad impressions for users who have subscribed. Twitter users can get this feature by paying a monthly to annual subscription rate.

Furthermore, the new owner of Twitter also said that the ads that appear on its platform are too frequent and too big. Therefore, Elon Musk is taking steps to target subscription revenue as a significant part by increasing its premium offering.

Now, Twitter users can upgrade their subscriptions to the blue level or Twitter Blue at a rate of US$ 11 or around Rp. 166 thousand per month for Android and iOS users, while registration via the web is pegged at a lower price, which is US$ 8 or around Rp. 121 thousand per month. The tariff for an annual subscription is US$ 84 or around Rp. 1.2 million per year.

In fact, the higher prices pegged to Android and iOS users are Twitter's way of dealing with taxes or deductions taken on any app purchases made through the distribution platforms or app stores managed by Google and Apple.

Exclusive features offered by Twitter Blue are verification check mark (given after verification check), edit tweet or tweet, bookmark folder, custom icon, custom theme and navigation bar control. Additionally, Twitter Blue subscribers can also upload 1080p videos of up to 60 minutes via the web and 10 minutes via iOS and Android.

At this time, the Twitter Blue subscription service is only available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United Kingdom. However Twitter is planning for the subscription area to be expanded. Twitter also has a policy that newly created Twitter accounts will be able to subscribe to Twitter Blue after 90 days.

Twitter initially launched Twitter Blue in early November before discontinuing the mushrooming of fake (copycat) accounts. But then, the schedule on November 29 was pushed back.

Elon Musk, who privatized Twitter for US$44 billion in November, in a series of tweets last month listed various grievances with Apple, including the 30 percent fee the iPhone maker charges software developers for in-app purchases.

He then accused Apple of threatening to block Twitter from its app store and also said that the iPhone maker had stopped advertising on the social media platform.

However, following a subsequent meeting with Apple chief executive Tim Cook, he tweeted that the misunderstandings over Twitter's removal from Apple's app store had been resolved.