Meta Brings End-to-End Encryption in Messenger

The parent company of Facebook, Meta is now providing the latest support for the Messenger service. Messenger will later get a number of new features which will provide additional features for more secure message access through message encryption, Thursday (26/01).

Meta is rumored to be releasing their latest feature support for the Messenger service soon, which will add a Secret Conversation feature that provides messaging services with a high level of security. Reportedly Meta will use End-to-End Encrypted for the Messenger service.

Of course the access granted to users will be different, Meta itself states that the End-to-End Encrypted system they use will not store user data. That means as long as Messenger users activate this feature, they will get much more secure access to sending and receiving messages.

Meta says that the End-to-End Encrypted feature can be customized according to the user, where the user can easily choose to enable or disable the feature. Later the Messenger service will provide information that the user is activating the End-to-End Encrypted feature.

Meta also provides additional interesting features for Messenger users, where later users can customize the appearance of the interface on Messenger. Later users can change contact names, change conversation themes, customize emojis to message reactions which are now available on Messenger.

End-to-End Encryption in Messenger

Not only that, this customization can also be used for Group Chat which will be different according to the customization you want. So that each group conversation will display a different theme choice.

Meta also provides feature enhancements for Messenger users on Android, where the company has added an active status feature as well as previews of links submitted by users. Now Messenger will display a link preview like the one on Instagram.

Will Meta release this End-to-End Encrypted for Messenger in Default mode? For now we don't know more, because the End-to-End Encrypted feature is currently only released as a test material. So, most probably Meta will release it in Default mode in Messenger.

“The Company has spent time building a team of talented engineers, cryptologists, designers and policy experts.” Said Meta.

Meanwhile, of course as users of the Messenger service we only need to wait a few months before Meta finally releases support for their latest features in a stable model.