Microsoft Rename 'Office Insider' to Microsoft 365 Insider

Microsoft has recently provided support where they have released updates for Insider Program users, including the Insider Dev Channel, Insider Beta and Insider Release Preview. Microsoft has also changed the name of the Office Insider service to Microsoft 365 Insider.

For those who have been using Microsoft services for a long time, it may still feel strange to the name Office Insider. But for those who have long joined the Office trial service from Microsoft, they are already familiar with Office Insider.

In short, the Office Insider service is a Microsoft Office service that allows Windows users to get support for the latest features from Microsoft Office before the company releases them. So, you could say this service is similar to the Insider Program which is currently being opened for Windows 11.

The development carried out by Microsoft is still the same, which gives access to its users to get a collection of the latest features before Microsoft will release them in a Stable version in Microsoft Office.

Microsoft itself has indeed launched this Office Insider service seven years ago, the latest news we got is that Microsoft has chosen to change the name from Office Insider to Microsoft 365 Insider.

With this, we can conclude that Microsoft has broader plans for the development of their test program. It is possible that in the future Microsoft will combine this Microsoft 365 Insider service with other Windows 11 Insider programs.

“In alignment with the transition from Office to Microsoft 365, we have changed the name of the Office Insider program to the Microsoft 365 Insider program.” wrote Microsoft.

Microsoft itself has indeed confirmed this name change through the company's official website. Until now there will only be a name change from Microsoft 365 Insider, most likely it is still in the development stage to expand its features before being released in a stable version.

For those of you who may have been using the Office Insider service for a long time, which is now Microsoft 365 Insider, you don't need to do anything and just have to wait for Microsoft to provide updates as usual.

What do you think? If you are a Microsoft 365 Insider user, you can immediately write down the advantages of using this service in the comments column.