Twitter is Sued Again for Arrears in Building Rent Payments

Twitter was sued again for not paying the rental fee for the building they use. This time the problematic buildings are Twitter's headquarters in London, England and San Francisco, United States.

Reporting from detikInet, Thursday (26/1/2023), the management body for the property portfolio owned by King Charles III, Crown Estate, filed a lawsuit against Twitter's office in England. 

The lawsuit was registered at the UK's high court, the contents of the lawsuit regarding arrears in payment of rent for an office located near Piccadilly Circus in London.

Crown Estate contends that the legal action follows previous contact with Twitter regarding arrears on rent for its office space at 20 Air Street, London. He added that discussions between the two companies are still ongoing.

Not only that, Twitter also received a lawsuit from the building owner Sri Nine Market Square LLC. This lawsuit was filed because Twitter also has not paid the usual rent for its headquarters in San Francisco.

In the suit, Twitter failed to pay rent for USD 3.36 million for December 2022 and USD 3.42 million for January 2023. Twitter's headquarters are located at 1355 Market Street where they are eight floors and for an office area of 42,000 square meters, as quoted from Bloomberg, Wednesday (25/1/2023).

Previously, Twitter has also been sued by the owner of the building at 650 California Street which is also located in San Francisco. Twitter was sued for late paying the rent of USD 136,260.

As a result of Twitter not paying the rent for the building, Twitter's Singapore employees were recently evicted from their office located in the Capita Green building. But they were allowed back into the office after Elon Musk paid the rent for the building.

Elon Musk stopped building lease payments for reasons of savings. He ordered his employees not to pay Twitter associates until he had reviewed all of the company's expenses.