Twitter Presents Latest Algorithm through 'For you'

Twitter today introduced one of their newest features named 'For You', this feature will provide access to its users using the latest and special algorithms personally. Elon Musk has also confirmed the latest Twitter feature, Monday (23/01).

Through 'For You' Twitter has once again released their newest feature which is considered to provide easier access to manage content on Twitter, first released on iOS and will follow for Android users in the next few days.

'For You' is a tab that will offer interesting features for its users, where this feature will display the algorithm chosen by the user himself. For example, you only follow a few digital media company accounts as well as news. Later when accessing this feature, Twitter will only display the homepage filled with the accounts you follow.

To activate the 'For You' feature, users will be given access such as switching accounts using Toggle. So access will be much easier right? Twitter users will get information through algorithms and no longer chronology.

Elon Musk also confirmed that after Mobile Apps users this feature will also be provided for wider access, namely through the Twitter website. Elon Musk has given his statement through the official Twitter account, which says that Twitter users can use this feature to stop seeing recommended tweets. 

For you

Twitter itself does provide a recommendation algorithm for tweets which they think are related to content that users like, but it turns out that there are many Twitter users who are not comfortable with this.

In the end, the 'For You' feature provides the access that most Twitter users want, where users can view content from the accounts they follow and stop seeing recommended tweets that have nothing to do with it.

Musk also emphasized that after going through the trial, Twitter will open Tabs according to what the user last opened. For example, when a user leaves the application by opening the 'For You' access, the user can open it again when accessing Twitter.