Google Asks Its Employees to Focus on Beating ChatGPT

The popularity of ChatGPT seems to really make Google panic. The search engine giant was speeding to make a clone of ChatGPT, until the two founders had to 'descend' to develop the technology.

Quoted from CNBC International, Thursday (2/2/2023), the chatbot made by Google with the code name "Atlas" is now in the testing phase. Atlas is said to be prepared to be integrated into the Google search engine.

Not just one, Google has also developed a chatbot called "Apprentice Bard". The service asked all of its employees to test the chatbot.

Just like ChatGPT, Apprentice Bard allows employees to ask questions for the chatbot to answer. Google officials seem to mobilize all of their employees to prioritize this service.

According to a CNBC International report, Google has been actively asking employees for feedback over the past few weeks. This is known from leaked internal documents, as well as several internal sources.

This intensive testing took place shortly after a big meeting at Google, where employees voiced their concerns over ChatGPT. The chatbot that caused a stir was launched by OpenAI, a company from San Francisco funded by Microsoft.

Google's chief AI, Jeff Dean, told employees not to panic. According to him, a company as big as Google has a bigger reputation risk, so its AI development must be really careful.

"Our approach is indeed more conservative than small startups," he said.

Nevertheless, he and Google CEO, Sundar Picain, said that ChatGPT competitor products would be boosted and most likely released to the public this year.

ChatGPT itself is in the form of a chat. With that format, OpenAI says it can make its system challenge the wrong premise to reject inappropriate requests.

"The dialogue format enables ChatGPT to answer questions, admit mistakes, challenge faulty premises, and reject inappropriate requests," said OpenAI, quoted by NBC News, Monday (1/30/2023).