A software engineer, a former Google employee, opens up about the biggest secrets of giant technology companies like Facebook and Google. The Silicon Valley company turned out to be unable to control the technology they built.

Tech giants are often referred to as controllers of human life. Through the algorithm they have developed, netizens are presented with a variety of advertisements and content that they say is 'according to their individual taste'.

Former Google and Microsoft engineer, David Auerbach, in an interview, said many people blame the tech giants for making life more miserable. For example, social media has been accused of making people addicted, consumptive, and triggering envy towards one another.

In fact, according to Auerbach, technology giants do not have that much control to regulate how their technology develops and influences human life.

"There was an internal Facebook memo that was leaked. In the memo, it was written that Facebook didn't want people to know that they had no control over the system they created," he said.

According to him, the algorithms on social media and all technology services are controlled by the system. Systems form and shape the people who use them. Neither governments nor tech giants can control algorithms.

"Technological giants prefer to be called evil, rather than people knowing the real fact that they have no control over the technology they create," he added.

If the algorithm then makes human life miserable, something is wrong with the system formed by the humans themselves.

"The effect of the current algorithmic system contributes to the division of society, where we all cannot understand each other. We are all divided into groups that have unanimity and uniformity, thus preventing the existence of large-scale community consensus," he explained, quoted from Guardian, Monday (13/3/2023).

Auerbach's awareness of these devastating technological algorithms started when social media became popular. It looks at how humans react to algorithms and how algorithms react to humans.

The reciprocal relationship continues and the impact is getting worse. "It took me a while to realize that we all have no control over the system, and even the creators of this system have far less control than we imagine," he explains.

The algorithmic systems that became big on social media then became the backbone for all of today's technologies, from cryptocurrencies to the Metaverse and further applications of AI. It is known that Auerbach has just completed his book Meganets: How Digital Forms Beyond Our Control Commander Our Daily Lives and Inner Reality. On that occasion, he also tried to define meganet.

Meganet is a data network that continues to grow and its direction is blurry, but it has great power to influence the way humanity sees the world.

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